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Transition Safety Glasses

If you are a person who loves to spend time outdoors but struggles with watery or dry eyes in sunlight then you need a pair of transition safety glasses. We use our advanced and patented photochromic dyes in our transition lens safety glasses, which cause the lens to activate (or darken) when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. When the UV light declines, the lenses return to their original transparent color. The level of tint adapts in response to changes in light conditions, ensuring that the proper tint is available at the right time. If you wear prescription safety glasses but you are looking for additional safety from the sun then don’t worry. We offer prescription safety glasses with transition lenses as well.

So why limit the fun when you can limit the sun, get transition safety glasses from EyeBuyNow Canada today!

Transition Safety Glasses FAQs

How are transition safety glasses different from regular lenses?

Transition safety glasses, in contrast to standard lenses, change their appearance depending on the light conditions. These lenses are also referred to as photochromic lenses since they change from clear to colored lenses when you travel from a dimly lit interior area to a brightly lit outdoor environment while you wear them. This function not only shields your eyes from intense light but also protects them from UV radiation and allows you to use prescription lenses with them.
When the light changes, the best transition safety glasses transition as quickly as possible. Photochromic lenses provide protection for your eyes throughout the day because of their transitional nature. They're ideal for going swiftly from one location to another without having to worry about putting on sunglasses every few minutes.

What kind of material is used to make transition lens safety glasses?

Similar to conventional lenses, transition lenses can be made using a range of different materials. At EyeBuyNow Canada, we offer transition lenses that are made of polycarbonate, plastic, and highly durable material. And all of them are available for purchase. In order to prevent damage to your glasses or eyes while comfortably moving between light and dark environments, high-quality transition lenses are made by following the guidelines of ANSI. However, while the basic lens material remains the same, photochromic lenses make use of specific procedures in order to include transition elements into your lenses.
Photochromic safety glasses are distinguished from regular safety glasses by the incorporation of a patented photochromic formula when they are being made. They are made using a number of layers that are carefully bonded together in order to create robust safety eyewear.

What is the difference between transitions lenses and prescription sunglasses?

Transition safety glasses don’t have a fixed color. When you wear them they appear to be transparent and then naturally darken when exposed to ultraviolet light. They continually and smoothly adjust their levels of tint to provide improved visual comfort in changing lighting conditions, then return to the normal color in situations where UV light is not present, such as indoors and at night. Whereas sunglasses have a fixed tint no matter what circumstance you're in, they'll always be the same color, and they're rarely a good choice for interior use because of their polarisation.
Transitions lenses are an excellent everyday lens because they may be used in practically any setting. There are some occasions in which sunglasses or polarised sunglasses are the best choices, such as when traveling a long distance or when spending time near the ocean. In those instances, we recommend that you use specific sun protection. But for everyday use we recommend you to go for prescription safety glasses with transition lenses.

Can children wear transition safety glasses? What kind of transition safety glasses are suitable for children?

Transitions lenses are a fantastic option for children, and they are available in several colors. Did you know that the average child receives three times the amount of ultraviolet radiation than an adult does? In order to protect children's eyes from UV rays today and in the future, a lens that blocks 100% of UV rays is necessary since they are continuously moving in and out throughout the day. It is very important to protect the eyes of children since their crystalline lens has not fully grown, it allows for more light to penetrate the eye. Children these days are more exposed to harmful blue light than the previous generations because of the widespread use of digital devices and the amount of time they spend outside in the sun. Prescription safety glasses with transition lenses help to shield the eyes from harmful blue light, which can occur both indoors and outdoors. Aside from that, transition safety glasses are also available in polycarbonate, which is a shatterproof material that is usually suggested by eyecare professionals for children's lenses.

In what types of lenses are transition safety glasses available for purchase at EyeBuyNow Canada?

At EyeBuyNow Canada we offer a wide range of transition safety glasses among which you can choose from. Each of the key lens materials, including thinner, lighter polycarbonate, and high-index materials is offered in this product line. There are a huge variety of designs, sizes, and colors to choose from. We even offer a photochromic coating for single vision and bifocal lenses. Single vision lenses are prescription corrections for a distant or near vision that are only available in one prescription. Bifocals and progressive lenses are eyeglasses that correct both distant and close vision correction in one lens. For further information, consult with your eye care provider.

Trendy Transition Safety Glasses By EyeBuyNow Canada

The eyes are our gateway to understanding the beauty of the world we live in. It gives meaning and perception to the things all around us. Without them, life simply wouldn't be as it is today and hence it is crucial to protect them. But stepping out in the sun very frequently can damage our eyes. Doctors and professionals inform us about the harmful effects of UV rays and the drying effect that long-term exposure to the sun can have on our eyes and so they recommend we use transition safety glasses to prevent the harmful sun rays from damaging our eyes. And that is where EyeBuyNow Canada plays a crucial role. Explore our wide range of transition lens safety glasses to meet your professional and daily needs.

Our transition safety glasses are like sunglasses on the go, here’s how they work in your day to day life: If you have dry eyes and work mostly on-site but currently you are in an office, every light source is artificially controlled to ensure max eye comfort and visibility, your prescription safety glasses with transition lenses sense these and remain transparent. With EyeBuyNow's prescription safety glasses with transition lenses, you can confidently walk out in direct sunlight as the glasses will immediately adjust to the change in environment and provide you with the right amount of light so that you can work without a hitch. Our transition safety glasses are made using high-quality polycarbonate material. This ensures that the lenses are highly durable and last long!

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