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Prescription Sports Glasses

Prescription Sports Glasses are made using specialized materials that include high-end plastic and fiber which are durable, strong, and safer for the eyes during physical activity and sports. Did you know that you can ditch your regular glasses and use rx sports glasses while playing sports?
These glasses also help in protecting your eyes from injuries and UV rays from the sun. This will ensure that your eyes are safe while you are playing any sports!
They come in a wide range of trendy designs to choose from! The best part is that all EyeBuyNow Canada glasses comply with ANSI Z87 (The American National Standards Institute) guidelines and meet the safety standards of the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA).
Purchase a pair of glasses so that your eyes are safe from any accidents or injuries and you could look your best at the same time!

Prescription Sports Glasses FAQs

How do prescription sports goggles work?

We have developed our own line of prescription sports goggles for sports enthusiasts. Thanks to the efforts of our creative team of opticians. They are the preference of many sportspersons. Our glasses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and are designed to keep your prescription lenses securely in place while you play your favorite sports on the field. The lenses are individually tailored to each pair of goggles which ensures the best possible fit, comfort, and safety.

Does wearing prescription sports sunglasses protect eyes from injuries while playing sports?

Yes, prescription sports sunglasses protect eyes from injuries while playing sports because they are designed to protect your eyes from any physical contact or flying balls that may come your way. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is a durable and impact-resistant material. For example, if you are playing football and require an eye prescription in order to see clearly, but you are wearing non-sports glasses which are not designed to be worn with a football he then there are chances of eye injury if a football hits your helmet. When it comes to wearing sports goggles then they have more durable material and can be worn with a helmet.

How are these goggles different from regular glasses?

These goggles are different from regular glasses because a common material used to construct these glasses lenses is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is ten times stronger and more impact-resistant than traditional plastic or glass lenses used in traditional glasses. Polycarbonate materials are more impact-resistant than other materials because they are softer. These lenses are also more lightweight, and they provide 100 % UV protection against the sun. Scratch-resistant coating is applied to sports glasses in order to further protect them from being damaged.
It’s always a wise decision to take care of the safety of your eyes while playing sports and that’s why you should go for the best quality goggles that are exclusively available on EyeBuyNow Canada.

Why should I purchase prescription sports goggles from EyeBuyNow Canada?

The following are the advantages of purchasing prescription sports goggles from EyeBuyNow Canada over any other brand:

  • We offer a large selection of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.
  • We offer a variety of lens packages that are not available from any other brand and are tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our return and replacement policies are designed to be as customer-friendly as possible.
  • We offer fantastic discounts and you can buy prescription sports goggles on a pocket-friendly budget.
  • We offer the best quality to our customers.

Where to enter my prescription while purchasing prescription sports goggles online?

Once you've found the frame you like, simply click on the "Buy with Prescription" button to proceed to checkout. This will take you to the lens options page, where you can choose the type of lenses you want, as well as any tints or coatings you want to use. You will then be directed to the prescription entry page after clicking on "Next." You can now select your prescription numbers from the drop-down menus and/or upload a copy of your prescription at this point. Once you have fed all the details, you can make the final payment and wait for your order to reach your address!

Prescription Sports Sunglasses and Goggles EyeBuyNow Canada

While playing sports outdoor, it’s very likely that your eyes may get injured. Wearing prescription sports goggles protects the eyes from wind, bad weather, UV radiations, or any external injury. These glasses with prescription are designed for athletics and regular wear purposes using high-grade plastic which is very strong and acts as an excellent shield for your delicate eyes.
RX Saftey USA offers very good-looking, stylish, and sleek designs of rx sports sunglasses that feel light-weighted and extremely comfortable to wear while you perform your athletic activities. We even offer polycarbonate lenses and hydrophobic rubber construction. We have also incorporated technologies like glare guard and UV protection in the lenses which give additional safety to your eyes.
We have a well-renowned name among sports players who blindly trust our exclusive range of prescription sports sunglasses while playing their favorite sports. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to give the best layer of protection to your eyes, buy a pair of prescription sports goggles from our website now!

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